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Woe Is Me

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From the anime Tiger & Bunny (2011). The translation reads:

“The company Blue Rose is affiliated with — the Titan Industries — has an employee who’s in charge of the Hero department. He looks very similar to Iron Man (and his name is ‘Robert’).”

I will watch Tiger & Bunny because of this

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    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i’m putting tiger and bunny back on my watching list now Cx lolol now if only the marvel...
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    Yessssssssss, he is most definitely Stark not-quite-incognito. Especially as he complains her outfits not skimpy enough...
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    “The company Blue Rose is affiliated with — the Titan Industries — has an employee who’s in charge
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Basically, an anime enthusiast who likes punk rock bands, cute animals, and food

Hunger Games, PJATO, Avengers (movie ver. only sorry to hardcore comic fans :< ), KHR, Gintama, Adventure Time, Avatar (Aang or Korra whateva, but not the blue people), HIMYM, Sherlock, ATL, PATD, The Maine, We The Kings, This Century, Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, Faber Drive, FOB, The Cab, Radwimps, Porno Grafitti, RDJ, Andrew Garfield.

Anime, pastel colors, cheescake, animals especially fluffy ones, ice cream (choco mint & cookie dough!), japanese food, foods with cheese or gravy better yet both, POTATOES!! basically any good looking food, cute stuff, and making people laugh :D


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